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I'm Justin Wallace; a 21-year-old web & graphic designer from Bloomington, Minnesota.

I'm devoted to creating fresh, crisp, and clean web experiences for users to enjoy. I believe that even passive and monotonous experiences on the Internet can be polished to be satisfying and enjoyable.

My design knowledge is heavily influenced by all different styles of art & design. I believe that interaction is everywhere & there is always an opportunity to make it elegant. My primary professional influences are filmmaker David Lynch and concept designer Feng Zhu. These creative influences from completely different areas of design have been significant in shaping my tastes and goals.

David Lynch has been one of my biggest inspirations because of his ability to take a traditionally static medium and make it interactive. This audience interaction is created through the use of orchestrating elements in a way that they can be interpreted and wielded by each individual viewer to create unique meaning.

Feng Zhu is one of my favorite designers because of his love for his craft. He puts care & passion into creating character & environment concepts that are not only gorgeous to look at, but contain a vast realm of information & detail.

I’ve garnered multiple sources of inspiration, and I really appreciate the power of media in shaping how people think and feel because I have felt it my entire life. My goal is to utilize media to create unforgettable experiences.