CSS Zen Garden

This website design is my answer to the CSS Zen Garden design challenge, using the prepared HTML and my own CSS and graphics.

My thoughts behind this design were to create a look for the site that echoes the crisp and clean ambience that stems from the art of Zen itself.

CSS Zen Garden screenshot


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Gauntlet Gallery

Frida Del Rey

This advertisement was created to showcase and promote an exhibition entitled Mash-Ups at the Gauntlet Gallery.

The showing features artwork that combines pop culture references and classical works of art. The ad draws from the featured artwork and the work that inspired it in order to create a unique experience for the user. The drawing/erasing creates a unique interaction that can't be achieved through a static advertisement.

This particular ad features work by Fabian Ciraolo.

Allegory of Mayhem

This advertisement is part of the same Mash-Ups series, and serves as the splash page of the site.

Featured is Vincent Cacciotti's Allegory of Mayhem, playing off of the classic Allegory of Painting by combining it with a scene from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

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